Commercial Builders


George Bros are based in Holway Green, Taunton, and are only one of a few specialist Commercial Builders in Somerset that provide a myriad of services. Our construction and contract works have a high reputation in Somerset. Some of the services we provide are listed below;

General Commercial Building.

We undertake construction of commercial buildings ranging from schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and so on, both within and outside of Taunton. George Bros (Builders) Ltd can tailor its projects to their client’s taste while making sure that standard is not compromised.

Commercial Roof Contractors.

George Bros (Builders) Ltd also work as roofing contractors. With a vast range of roofing materials at our disposal and highly trained professional staff, no job is too big or small.

Refurbishing Commercial Buildings.

Time can take its toll on a buildings appearance. George Bros however, can restore these features when it comes to giving buildings a facelift, both interior and exterior.

Commercial Alterations, Maintenance & Repairs.

The Company undertakes repairs and maintenance of buildings and many varied building works as dictated by our customer’s needs.

Other services we can offer include insurance work (fire/flood/damage), conservatories and maintenance contracts, plumbing and decorating to name a few.